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    1. In or Related to MoMA's Collection

    The Museum of Modern Art established the world's first curatorial department devoted to architecture and design. MoMA Design Store carries a selection of design objects from that collection. We only offer authorized versions in the colors and materials selected by the original designers. MoMA's design collection is ever-changing, a reflection of the evolving field of design itself.

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    2. In or Related to MoMA Exhibitions

    The Museum of Modern Art has revolutionized what a museum exhibition can be. MoMA has sought to document and respond to important developments in the field of design as they happen. As MoMA continues to innovate and lead at the forefront of art and design exhibitions, MoMA Design Store mirrors that spirit of exploration by discovering ever-new and original products, many seen for the first time in MoMA Exhibitions.

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    3. Innovative Materials

    The Museum of Modern Art has always been attuned to the close relationship between design and materials—and seeks to represent ways designers employ new materials and technology to improve an object’s function. MoMA Design Store offers products that reflect new advancements in the materials designers are using at the moment they emerge.

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    4. Innovative Function

    Function plays a large role in defining good design. When designers look at an object, they don't just consider its aesthetic appearance—they should also challenge it to be more versatile, to respond to the user's need, or to achieve its purpose more elegantly. Good design has the capacity to solve problems that sometimes we didn't even know we had. This is one of the ways design touches and enriches our everyday life.

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    5. Innovative Technology

    At MoMA Design Store, we offer the most cutting-edge products that use tech to enhance everyday life. Every item that is selected is product-tested using real-life scenarios, and reviewed by MoMA design curators to ensure that it passes our ultimate litmus test: Is this design truly useful? If it didn't exist, would the world miss it?

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    6. Educational Design for Children

    MoMA Design Store shares the Museum's educational mission through a commitment to well-designed children's products. We collaborate with the MoMA's educational and curatorial departments to provide the best tools for encouraging learning through play and the development of creativity.

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    7. Textile Innovation

    MoMA's selection of contemporary textiles represents designers from around the world. Although these textiles are rooted in craft traditions, the use of unconventional techniques and materials infuses them with a modern spirit, reflecting the Museum's commitment to innovation and good design.

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    8. Icons of Design

    The buying team for MoMA Design Store embraces the same spirit of modernism upon which the Museum's architecture and design department— first of its kind anywhere in the world—was founded. Our selection starts with designers and manufacturers that were integral to the establishment of modern design, and whose iconic designs remain relevant today.

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