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Portable Wireless Air Purifier - Filter Only

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Portable Wireless Air Purifier - Filter Only

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Style:  Filter Only

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At last, a portable HEPA air purifier powerful enough to clean your immediate area of 99.978% of PM2.5 particles quickly, light and compact enough to travel with you, and, at just 20 decibels on the lowest setting, quieter than a refrigerator. Whether you bring the Lumena Portable Wireless Air Purifier with you to the office or use it in your kitchen to filter out cooking smells, its rechargeable battery delivers about 35 hours of air cleaning time at the lowest filtration level.

Features of the Lumena Portable Wireless Air Purifier  include: 

  • Powerful CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rating) of 120 cubic meters per minute
  • H13 grade triple HEPA filter captures 99.978% of PM2.5 particles and eliminates odors. 
  • Pollution level display alerts you to air quality level based on color, ranging from blue (good 0-30) to red (very poor 121-999)
  • High-precision PM sensor detects particulate matter and purifies your surroundings according to one of four filtration levels
  • Eco-friendly 0.8W power-saving technology 
  • Two-button display lets you intuitively switch filtration modes or enter Sleep Mode
  • Low-noise flow design technology delivers just 20db of sound at level 1 operation
  • 7500mAh rechargeable battery charges to full capacity via its USB-C port in just 4.5 hours.
  • Easy to dismantle for cleaning
  • HEPA filters are recommended to be replaced every 6 months
  • Measures 10.9h x 8.25w x 8.05"d
Air Purifier Replacement Filter
For use in the Lumena Wireless Air Purifier only, this filter is recommended to be replaced every six months for optimal air purifier functionality. Features of the Air Purifier Replacement Filter include:
  • Efficiency:
    • Filters ultrafine dust particles at 0.3μm with an efficiency of 99.978% or more.
    • Effectively removes odors, substances causing sick building syndrome, and harmful gases using activated carbon components.


  • Certifications:
    • This Exclusive H13 Triple HEPA Filter is certified for air purification efficiency, antibacterial efficacy, harmful substance absence, and complies with CADR standards.


  • Automatic Filter Replacement Notification:
    • A red LED will illuminate to indicate the need for filter replacement.
    • To replace the filter, confirm the replacement, and press the power button for 5 seconds to reset the settings.


  • Specifications:
    • Filter Type: Triple Filter (Pre-filter - H13 HEPA - Activated Carbon Filter)
    • Dimensions: 4.4h x 6.57w x 6.57"d
    • Weight: 160 g
  • Size
    Air Purifier: 10.9h x 8.25w x 8.05"d
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