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Teenage Engineering OB-4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker & FM Radio

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Teenage Engineering OB-4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker & FM Radio

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Color:  Black

Size:  One Size

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A radio that lets you scratch like a DJ, rewind or slow down playback, and choose from 35 recorded tracks designed to help you relax? This new design from Teenage Engineering—the OB-4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio (aka “the Magic Radio”)—does that and more. Designed to be taken on the go, this sturdy radio delivers loud, clear sound without distortion from its four front speakers, and intense bass from a port on the side. 

Features of the Teenage Engineering OB-4 Portable Bluetooth FM Radio include:

  • Dual 2-Way stereo speakers (Neodymium Tweeters & 4” Woofers) deliver crystal clear, open natural sound with 38 watts per channel — that's around 100 decibels of incredible sounding stereo.
  • Optimized bass port.
  • Input button for 3 modes: Bluetooth, Radio & Disk.
    • Bluetooth Mode: Stream music from your devices. The OB-4’s hardware is designed to support both high-definition Bluetooth classic and new Bluetooth low energy audio standard. 
    • FM Radio Mode: Tap the Play button to scan for stations. Hold Input & tap Play to search backwards.
    • Disk Mode: A collection of sounds to help you relax. Choose from Ambient (an endless track generated using parts of FM radio), Karma (35 Buddhist-based chants) & Metronome.
  • Tape Dial: Move this dial back and forth for a scratching, or scrubbing, DJ effect. It can also be used for rewinding radio stations or creating an instant loop. (The OB-4 records all playback on a 2-hour magic tape.)
  • Loop Mode: Hold Input and Play buttons to record a loop.
  • Length: When in Loop Mode, you can multiply the loop length.
  • Slide Mode: You can slide the loop positions back and forth along the tape.
  • Motorized volume knob that syncs with your Bluetooth device that also doubles as the power switch.
  • External Antenna: The handle features an antenna built into it for FM reception.
  • Handle-Stand: Top handle makes the OB-4 easy to carry around and it also doubles as a stand for a more relaxed listening position. 
  • Powered or charged with included standard-plug in cord, 8 hours at max volume and up to 72 hours of listening time per charge.
  • Durable black metal construction with black plastic buttons, knobs and dial.
  • Measures 11h x 9w x 2.3”d.
  • Weights 4.4lbs. 
  • Made in the EU.
  • Custom Mesh Bag sold separately here.
  • Size
    11.2h x 9.15w x 2.25"d
  • Material
    Plastic, Metal
  • Year of Design
  • Origin
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Teenage Engineering OB-4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker & FM Radio - Black

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