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Artiphon Chorda Musical Instrument

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Artiphon Chorda Musical Instrument

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Color:  Black

Size:  One Size

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For anyone who wants to make music part of their everyday life, the Chorda is the ultimate go-anywhere, play-anything instrument. A simple set of keys in a single lightweight, slim rectangle, the Chorda’s shape recalls the neck of a guitar, but it can also be played in the lap like a keyboard, held on the shoulder like a violin or tapped like a percussion instrument. In addition, the Chorda is a MIDI controller, connectable via its USB-C connection or wirelessly via Bluetooth® to hundreds of music-making apps like Garage Band, ProTools and Cubase. Using the free Artiphon app, Chorda can turn any sound you sample into a preset. For example, use your dog’s bark as a preset and hear it reproduced across the scale with the Chorda’s keys. Or, choose from one of 100+ presets always available in the Artiphon app—more are added regularly. Whether you’re just starting to make music or you’ve been a pro for years, the Chorda has a function and a mode that will spark your creativity.

Play Every Part of the Song

Chorda has four main playing modes: Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead. Each has unique capabilities, with hundreds of sounds to choose from. Within each mode, you’ll play with various techniques, some familiar and others completely new. Hold the Chorda like a guitar and play one-finger chords, or lay it flat to tap like piano keys or drums.


Loop and Layer

Chorda’s built-in looper lets you record multiple parts to build up loops in seconds. Start with a quick drum beat, add a groovy bass, and solo on top with a lead melody for as long as you’d like. Each loop can be up to five minutes long, so you can even make full songs to share with the world.

Smart Strum

Play one-finger chords using Chorda’s innovative bridge design—swipe your finger across it to produce automatic chords that are always tuned to the music you’re playing. If you can swipe a phone screen, you can now strum a guitar, a piano, a drum kit, a tuba, or even your voice!

The Amazing Arpeggiator

Chorda also lets you create instant rhythms and generative melodies with an arpeggiator unlike anything else out there. Because Chorda has so many sensors that detect your most subtle finger movements, we designed a way to map these gestures to patterns.

Features of the Artiphon Chorda Musical Instrument include:

  • 12 capacitive-sensing pads respond to even the lightest velocities and enable per-note expression in multiple dimensions
  • Bridge with six triggers for individual note articulation using familiar gestures like strumming, tapping, and pressing
  • Onboard synthesizer, sample engine, and built-in speaker offer an immediate, standalone playing experience
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope capture a range of multi-dimensional movements
  • Use the built-in looper to easily layer Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead parts
  • Connect to the cross-platform Artiphon app for more sounds, songs, and settings
  • Connect via MIDI over Bluetooth or USB-C, and use MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) to play your synths and music software in dynamic new ways
  • Use the 1/8" (3.5mm) output to listen on headphones, speakers, and amps
  • Multicolor LEDs respond to the way you play
  • Embedded haptic engine offers vibration feedback
  • USB-C rechargeable battery with 4+ hours of battery life
  • Measures 1.15h x 17.3w x 2.35”d
  • Designer
    Mike Butera
  • Size
    1.15h x 17.3w x 2.35”d
  • Material
  • Year of Design
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Artiphon Chorda Musical Instrument

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