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Brooklyn Boombox

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Brooklyn Boombox

$221.50 Non-Member
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Color:  Silver

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Wireless capabilities and other modern features plug the 1980s boombox into the 21st century. Features FM radio, and cassette and CD players in a retro design with two 40-watt, Bluetooth-enabled speakers—so you can stream music from any wireless source, or digitally record your vintage cassettes. The Brooklyn Boombox is sized to be fully portable, yet still large enough (24” wide) to bring to mind its retro cousin, and its lithium battery delivers four hours of continuous use per 90-minute charging session.

Additional features of the Brooklyn Boombox include:

  • Multimedia connection through RCA input and 3.5mm auxiliary input
  • Top loading CD for playback and recording
  • Cassette player with recording function and digital tape counter
  • DAB and DAB+ FM radio with info button
  • USB and cassette playback / recording
  • Volume, balance, bass and treble controls
  • 1980s retro style backlight & analog VU indicators
  • Twin aerials
  • Headphone & microphone port
  • Compatible with all external speakers for additional volume
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Size
    12h x 24w x 5.5"d
  • Material
    Metal, Plastic
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Why We Chose This
While MoMA Design Store is devoted to international design, New York City and its history are big parts of our DNA. Boomboxes—outsized radios used for sidewalk entertainment—were popularized by hip-hop style, a phenomenon born in the African-American and Latino youth cultures of the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn in the early 1970s. Hip hop is represented in MoMA's collection by artists such as Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. This new version of the urban icon incorporates updated technology for 21st-century use.

Authenticity Guarantee

At MoMA Design Store, all of the designs we sell are curator-approved and authentic. We ensure the integrity of our products through research and by working closely with the designers. Our products embody the spirit of good design objects in MoMA's collection. Some of them are actual designs represented in the Museum's collection.