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  • Inner Content 05 Wool Rug in color
  • Inner Content 05 Wool Rug in color
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Inner Content 05 Wool Rug

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This Inner Content 05 Wool Rug was conceived by Dominican designer Javier Reyes, whose rrres Studio is based in Oaxaca. Made from  locally sourced 100% wool weft with a cotton warp, the rug is made in Teotitlán Del Valle in Oaxaca, Mexico by Zapotec weavers who have mastered the technique of rug-making for generations. This area of Mexico is where Zapotec culture flourished, from 700 B.C to 1521 A.D., until the arrival of the Spanish conquerors. 

Inner Content 05 Wool Rug is hand-woven using a pedal loom and hand-dyed. Both sides of the rug are woven and it measures 53l x 70"w. The design is inspired by San Marcos Tlapazola, a community where Reyes’ close friend, the artisan Maria Gutierres, lives. The area is known for a 3,000-year-old tradition of pottery made by women.
  • Designer
    Javier Reyes
  • Size
    70l x 53"w
  • Materials
    95% Wool, 5% Cotton
  • Year of Design
  • Origin
Dry clean only.
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Inner Content 05 Wool Rug
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    rrres Studio

    Handmade on pedal looms by Zapotec weavers in Oaxaca, Mexico, these throws and rugs were conceived by Dominican designer Javier Reyes, whose studio is based in Oaxaca. “This project is the result of a collective work between people, places, cultures and heritage,” states Reyes. “Everything is proudly made in Latin America.”

  • A Zapotec Tradition
    A Zapotec Tradition

    “Textile making is one of the most developed practices in Oaxaca and the craft has played a central role in all of the region’s indigenous cultures. The Zapotec people have mastered the art of rug making. I began working with them after I met a couple from the community, Manuel and Lucrecia. I lived with them off and on for a year.”

  • Oaxacan Weaving Techniques
    San Marcos Tlapazola

    For the Inner Content 05 Rug, Reyes was inspired by San Marcos Tlapazola. “It’s a very special community, known for its handmade ceramics made from red clay. The Inner Content Series is inspired by my experiences of walking through this quiet town, meeting the people. The design refers to inner worlds, a pre-Hispanic past so strong, it’s still alive despite all the changes.”

  • A Hands-On Process
    A Hands-On Process

    “Most artisans are used to repeating a certain pattern in the way they work, so new ideas are often misinterpreted. I moved to Oaxaca to work closely with the weavers, and to create a system that speaks to them in their own artisan code. It is essential to my process that there’s trust between us. The relationship is everything.”

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