• Giiker Smart Supercube Puzzle Game in color
  • Giiker Smart Supercube Puzzle Game in color
  • Giiker Smart Supercube Puzzle Game in color
  • Giiker Smart Supercube Puzzle Game in color
  • Giiker Smart Supercube Puzzle Game in color
  • Giiker Smart Supercube Puzzle Game in color
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Giiker Smart Supercube Puzzle Game

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Giiker Smart Supercube Puzzle Game

Experience the classic cube puzzle in fascinating new ways with this Bluetooth-enabled gaming cube. The Giiker Smart Supercube Puzzle Game transmits its every move in real time to your iOS or Android device, unlocking a whole new world of absorbing minigames, learning opportunities and stats. The Smart Supercube comes with the cube, a stand to rest the cube on (that can also act as a stand for  your smart device while you are playing), a USB charging cord and a charger for your cube.

The Giiker Smart Supercube Puzzle Game app, free with purchase, works with any iOS or Android smart device, and includes the following functions:

  • Tutorial section with a comprehensive step-by-step guide that follows your moves and corrects them as needed.
  • Quick Solve functionality that will feed you the moves that enable you to return your cube to its solved state.
  • Smart Timer that measures your solving speed in real time, tracks and records your moves, and keeps full statistics on your solution times and steps.
  • Battle with other speed cubers
  • Four mini games unique to the Supercube, including:
  1. Color Memory: Turn your cube to match the sequence of colors that pop up on your screen.
  2. Pixel Puzzle: Make speed art with your cube.
  3. Cube Crash: Turn the side of your cube that contains a corresponding color before that color hits the bottom of the app screen.
  4. Cube Miner: Move the character that appears on the app around your cube’s surface as directed.


Giiker was founded in 2008 in response to the popularity of the hobby of speedcubing. They saw a need for a cube puzzle that can time itself rather than having to physically stopping a timer with your hand when puzzle is solved. After years of research and development, Giiker combined smart devices with a puzzle cube to bring Supercube to the market. Their smart-core technology underlying the real-time tracking is fully patented.

Why We Chose This
The original Rubik’s Cube is a design in MoMA’s collection. The Smart Supercube is the next generation of the Rubik’s Cube for the 21st century, with patented technology to provide innovative ways of learning, improving, and competing.
In or Related to MoMA's Collection
In or Related to MoMA's Collection
The Museum of Modern Art established the world's first curatorial department devoted to architecture and design. MoMA Design Store carries a selection of design objects from that collection. We only offer authorized versions in the colors and materials selected by the original designers. MoMA's design collection is ever-changing, a reflection of the evolving field of design itself.
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  • Size
    2.25" cube
  • Materials
    ABS Plastic, PCV Stickers, POM Plastic, Lithium Battery and MCU chips
  • Year of Design
  • Origin
  • Age
    Kids - 5 and up