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Ostrichpillow Heatbag Pillow

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Ostrichpillow Heatbag Pillow

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Color:  Gray

Size:  One Size

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For those moments when you need a little warmth or cooling off, there’s this Ostrichpillow Heatbag Pillow. Hug this soft, double-layered foam design when you want to feel warmer or cooler. (Studies show that even brief hugs raise levels of oxytocin, a body chemical associated with happiness and stress-relief.) To activate the Heatbag Pillow, remove the natural clay core insert and boil, microwave or freeze it for hours of warm or cool comfort, and reduction of stress and tension throughout your body. The soft cotton exterior can be easily washed and reused. After boiling the clay insert, use a towel or oven mitt to place it inside the pillow. (This will allow you to dry it and also avoid burning your hands.)

Beneifts of the Ostrichpillow Heatbag Pillow include:
  • The Pillow’s heat can improve blood circulation and reduce stress throughout the body.
  • Eco-friendly replacement for standard water bottles that create waste and can cause injuries from burning.
  • Warm companion for lounging and sleeping.
  • Can also be used to warm your feet.
  • Heat the clay core in the microwave for 55 seconds at a 1000w setting for an approximate temperature of 167°F. The core will emit 131°F when inserted back into the foam sleeve, gradually decreasing to body temperature over approx. 1 hour and 40 minutes to 2 hours.
  • You can also heat the core in boiling water up to 5 minutes, dry it off and insert in sleeve.
  • For a cold effect, leave the clay bag in the freezer for at least 1 hour. 
  • When the insert is frozen, the pillow becomes a great solution for pain relief.
  • Made from double-layered recycled foam that focuses heat release to the spot you need.
  • 2-sided: Thin layer toward your body prevents burning by heat or cold. External-facing double layer prevents loss of heat or cold.
  • Wireless, non-electric design as opposed to other heating pads.
  • Eco-friendly core is made from natural clay and can be used repeatedly.
  • 100% recycled paper packaging.
  • Size
    6.3h x 11.8l x 2.7"d
  • Material
    Recycled Foam, Cotton, Natural Clay, Glycerin, Nylon Taffta
  • Year of Design
  • Origin
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