Recycling & Composting

We found these designs for you because we’re always looking for innovative, easy ways to recycle and compost daily waste. Customer favorite Rebin offers a clean recycling experience, while the Lomi Composter turns food scraps into nutrient-rich dirt.

Recycled Material

In recent years, we’ve expanded our product assortment to include a large number of products made from recycled material. 

Baggu, a customer favorite, began using recycled nylon for most of their products in 2022. The MoMA Exclusive Thing Stool by George Sowden is made from recycled aluminum. 

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“We're devoted to sustainability through the decisions we make about the products we carry, the partners we work with, and the behaviors our designs encourage.”—Chay, Associate Director of Merchandising

Solar Power

This renewable energy source is not just suited for roof panels—the sustainable game-changer is being utilized for everyday personal items, from Adidas Solar Headphones to Solios Watches. Designs such as the Solar Puff provide up to 12 hours of use after being charged in sunlight. 

Reducing Waste

From eye-catching water bottles to glass straws and Food Huggers, our buyers have selected designs that help end your dependency on waste-producing items. We’re also seeking out brands who are committed to utilizing recycled and recyclable materials in their packaging. 

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